How to run telnet commands from command line

AppsI was forced to repeatedly restart the device via telnet. But Telnet client not support reading commands from config file. Hm ... 

The solution is easy. Telnet Scripting Tool - by Albert Yale (Freeware).

Usage is also simply.



Usage Syntax:

tst10.exe /r:script.txt [options]

/r:script.txt      run script.txt
[options]          any of these:

/o:output.txt      send session output to output.txt
/m                 run script in minimized window

Usage Example:

tst10.exe /r:script.txt /o:output.txt /m

Scripting Syntax:

HOSTNAME PORT      port number optional, default: 23
WAIT "string"      string to wait for
SEND "string"      string to send
\"                 represents the a quote character
\m                 represents a <CR/LF>
\\                 represents the backslash character

Scripting Example: 23
WAIT "login"
SEND "root\m"
WAIT "password"
SEND "mypassword\m"
WAIT ">"
SEND "dip internet.dip\m"
WAIT ">"


In my case:
WAIT "Password"
SEND "MyPassword\m"
WAIT ">"
SEND "sys reboot\m"